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Identifies two or more records (resource instances) that refer to the same real-world "occurrence".


id0..1stringLogical id of this artifact
meta0..1MetaMetadata about the resource
implicitRules0..1uriA set of rules under which this content was created
language0..1codeLanguage of the resource content
text0..1NarrativeText summary of the resource, for human interpretation
contained0..*ResourceContained, inline Resources
extension0..*ExtensionAdditional content defined by implementations
modifierExtension0..*ExtensionExtensions that cannot be ignored
active0..1booleanWhether this linkage assertion is active or not
author0..1ReferenceWho is responsible for linkages
item1..*BackboneElementItem to be linked

Search Parameters

authorreferenceAuthor of the
itemreferenceMatches on any item in the LinkageLinkage.item.resource
sourcereferenceMatches on any item in the Linkage with a type of 'source'Linkage.item.resource