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The details of a healthcare service available at a location.


id0..1stringLogical id of this artifact
meta0..1MetaMetadata about the resource
implicitRules0..1uriA set of rules under which this content was created
language0..1codeLanguage of the resource content
text0..1NarrativeText summary of the resource, for human interpretation
contained0..*ResourceContained, inline Resources
extension0..*ExtensionAdditional content defined by implementations
modifierExtension0..*ExtensionExtensions that cannot be ignored
identifier0..*IdentifierExternal identifiers for this item
active0..1booleanWhether this HealthcareService record is in active use
providedBy0..1ReferenceOrganization that provides this service
category0..*CodeableConceptBroad category of service being performed or delivered
type0..*CodeableConceptType of service that may be delivered or performed
specialty0..*CodeableConceptSpecialties handled by the HealthcareService
location0..*ReferenceLocation(s) where service may be provided
name0..1stringDescription of service as presented to a consumer while searching
comment0..1stringAdditional description and/or any specific issues not covered elsewhere
extraDetails0..1markdownExtra details about the service that can't be placed in the other fields
photo0..1AttachmentFacilitates quick identification of the service
telecom0..*ContactPointContacts related to the healthcare service
coverageArea0..*ReferenceLocation(s) service is intended for/available to
serviceProvisionCode0..*CodeableConceptConditions under which service is available/offered
eligibility0..*BackboneElementSpecific eligibility requirements required to use the service
program0..*CodeableConceptPrograms that this service is applicable to
characteristic0..*CodeableConceptCollection of characteristics (attributes)
communication0..*CodeableConceptThe language that this service is offered in
referralMethod0..*CodeableConceptWays that the service accepts referrals
appointmentRequired0..1booleanIf an appointment is required for access to this service
availableTime0..*BackboneElementTimes the Service Site is available
notAvailable0..*BackboneElementNot available during this time due to provided reason
availabilityExceptions0..1stringDescription of availability exceptions
endpoint0..*ReferenceTechnical endpoints providing access to electronic services operated for the healthcare service

Search Parameters

activetokenThe Healthcare Service is currently marked as
characteristictokenOne of the HealthcareService's characteristicsHealthcareService.characteristic
coverage-areareferenceLocation(s) service is intended for/available toHealthcareService.coverageArea
endpointreferenceTechnical endpoints providing access to electronic services operated for the healthcare serviceHealthcareService.endpoint
identifiertokenExternal identifiers for this itemHealthcareService.identifier
locationreferenceThe location of the Healthcare ServiceHealthcareService.location
namestringA portion of the Healthcare service
organizationreferenceThe organization that provides this Healthcare ServiceHealthcareService.providedBy
programtokenOne of the Programs supported by this HealthcareServiceHealthcareService.program
service-categorytokenService Category of the Healthcare ServiceHealthcareService.category
service-typetokenThe type of service provided by this healthcare serviceHealthcareService.type
specialtytokenThe specialty of the service provided by this healthcare serviceHealthcareService.specialty