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Describes a measurement, calculation or setting capability of a medical device.


id0..1stringLogical id of this artifact
meta0..1MetaMetadata about the resource
implicitRules0..1uriA set of rules under which this content was created
language0..1codeLanguage of the resource content
text0..1NarrativeText summary of the resource, for human interpretation
contained0..*ResourceContained, inline Resources
extension0..*ExtensionAdditional content defined by implementations
modifierExtension0..*ExtensionExtensions that cannot be ignored
identifier0..*IdentifierInstance identifier
type1..1CodeableConceptIdentity of metric, for example Heart Rate or PEEP Setting
unit0..1CodeableConceptUnit of Measure for the Metric
source0..1ReferenceDescribes the link to the source Device
parent0..1ReferenceDescribes the link to the parent Device
operationalStatus0..1codeon | off | standby | entered-in-error
color0..1codeblack | red | green | yellow | blue | magenta | cyan | white
category1..1codemeasurement | setting | calculation | unspecified
measurementPeriod0..1TimingDescribes the measurement repetition time
calibration0..*BackboneElementDescribes the calibrations that have been performed or that are required to be performed

Search Parameters

categorytokenThe category of the metricDeviceMetric.category
identifiertokenThe identifier of the metricDeviceMetric.identifier
parentreferenceThe parent DeviceMetric resourceDeviceMetric.parent
sourcereferenceThe device resourceDeviceMetric.source
typetokenThe component typeDeviceMetric.type