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A record of a healthcare consumer’s choices, which permits or denies identified recipient(s) or recipient role(s) to perform one or more actions within a given policy context, for specific purposes and periods of time.


id0..1stringLogical id of this artifact
meta0..1MetaMetadata about the resource
implicitRules0..1uriA set of rules under which this content was created
language0..1codeLanguage of the resource content
text0..1NarrativeText summary of the resource, for human interpretation
contained0..*ResourceContained, inline Resources
extension0..*ExtensionAdditional content defined by implementations
modifierExtension0..*ExtensionExtensions that cannot be ignored
identifier0..*IdentifierIdentifier for this record (external references)
status1..1codedraft | proposed | active | rejected | inactive | entered-in-error
scope1..1CodeableConceptWhich of the four areas this resource covers (extensible)
category1..*CodeableConceptClassification of the consent statement - for indexing/retrieval
patient0..1ReferenceWho the consent applies to
dateTime0..1dateTimeWhen this Consent was created or indexed
performer0..*ReferenceWho is agreeing to the policy and rules
organization0..*ReferenceCustodian of the consent
source[x]0..1AttachmentSource from which this consent is taken
policy0..*BackboneElementPolicies covered by this consent
policyRule0..1CodeableConceptRegulation that this consents to
verification0..*BackboneElementConsent Verified by patient or family
provision0..1BackboneElementConstraints to the base Consent.policyRule

Search Parameters

datedateWhen this Consent was created or indexedConsent.dateTime
identifiertokenIdentifier for this record (external references)Consent.identifier
patientreferenceWho the consent applies toConsent.patient
actiontokenActions controlled by this ruleConsent.provision.action
actorreferenceResource for the actor (or group, by role)
categorytokenClassification of the consent statement - for indexing/retrievalConsent.category
consentorreferenceWho is agreeing to the policy and rulesConsent.performer
datareferenceThe actual data
organizationreferenceCustodian of the consentConsent.organization
perioddateTimeframe for this ruleConsent.provision.period
purposetokenContext of activities covered by this ruleConsent.provision.purpose
scopetokenWhich of the four areas this resource covers (extensible)Consent.scope
security-labeltokenSecurity Labels that define affected resourcesConsent.provision.securityLabel
source-referencereferenceSearch by reference to a Consent, DocumentReference, Contract or QuestionnaireResponseConsent.source
statustokendraft | proposed | active | rejected | inactive | entered-in-errorConsent.status