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Catalog entries are wrappers that contextualize items included in a catalog.


id0..1stringLogical id of this artifact
meta0..1MetaMetadata about the resource
implicitRules0..1uriA set of rules under which this content was created
language0..1codeLanguage of the resource content
text0..1NarrativeText summary of the resource, for human interpretation
contained0..*ResourceContained, inline Resources
extension0..*ExtensionAdditional content defined by implementations
modifierExtension0..*ExtensionExtensions that cannot be ignored
identifier0..*IdentifierUnique identifier of the catalog item
type0..1CodeableConceptThe type of item - medication, device, service, protocol or other
orderable1..1booleanWhether the entry represents an orderable item
referencedItem1..1ReferenceThe item that is being defined
additionalIdentifier0..*IdentifierAny additional identifier(s) for the catalog item, in the same granularity or concept
classification0..*CodeableConceptClassification (category or class) of the item entry
status0..1codedraft | active | retired | unknown
validityPeriod0..1PeriodThe time period in which this catalog entry is expected to be active
validTo0..1dateTimeThe date until which this catalog entry is expected to be active
lastUpdated0..1dateTimeWhen was this catalog last updated
additionalCharacteristic0..*CodeableConceptAdditional characteristics of the catalog entry
additionalClassification0..*CodeableConceptAdditional classification of the catalog entry
relatedEntry0..*BackboneElementAn item that this catalog entry is related to

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